【Official】Hekisui Gyoen

A special day spent at authentic Japanese style resort

A pure Japanese-style ryokan nestled on the edge of the scenic Kumihama Bay, designated as the Sanin Kaigan National Park in the back floor of Tango, Kyoto. Only 14 rooms on the site of 10 thousand tsubo, as a result of a Japanese-style architectural tasteful house.Japan's Top 3 Scenic Views has excellent access as a base to nearby sightseeing spots such as Japan's Top 3 Scenic Views Amanohashidate, Tango Peninsula Ine no Funaya, Izushi Castle Town, Kinosaki Onsen and Kinosaki Marine World. Natural hot spring of autogenous source is rich in hot water and well-known spa quality.Spring is at the center of high quality seafood, which is ravaged by Kumihama Bay and abundant natural mineral surrounded by mountains, and the sea of ​​Japan Sea, Spring is full of summer rock oysters, autumn Matsutake, Midtake in winter, Matsuba Crab in winter Matsuba Crab, you can enjoy the cuisine of the season by taking advantage of true oyster, etc., of food rich Tango material.

About new type coronavirus infectious disease prevention measures

  • We will resume operations in accordance with the "Guidelines for Corresponding New Coronaviruses at Accommodation Facilities".

    Since June, we have been restarting operations at this facility, focusing on customer health, safety and security, and working on preventive measures.

    Please confirm the following details when visiting the museum.
    【Request to customers】
    1. Please cooperate with hand sterilization and temperature measurement at check-in.
    2. During the stay, please wear a mask other than the room.
    3. Please cooperate in disinfecting your fingers when entering the dining room.
    【Initiatives to prevent infection】
    1. The staff will also wear a mask to work.
    2. Alcohol disinfectant is installed in various places in this facility.
    3, we will sterilize the part that touches the customer's hands and perform regular ventilation.

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Hotel Name

Hekisui Gyoen


1452 Minatomiya, Kumihama Town, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture

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■By car
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* Telephone number "0772-83-0355"
*Address `` 1452 Minatomiya, Kumihama Town, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture''

■Customers using trains
Nearest station: Kyoto Tango Railway"Kumihama Station"
* We will operate a free shuttle bus.
* Please make a reservation in advance as the shuttle bus will be operated only by reservation.(Phone: 0772-83-0355)
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8: 00 - 20: 00, FAX is here: 0772 - 83 - 0874 (24 hours)