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Spare time for the seasonal ingredients

  • Local fishing port landing, fish fishing local fish dishes

    Around here Kumihama, Minato Fishing Port, Asamogawa Fishing Port, such as Tsuiyama Fishing Port, there are a lot of fishing port in the place of a few minutes to 20 minutes in the car. From the local fish landing at each harbor, cooked with hospitable local fish stocked with certain eyesight.Please feel free to contact us with your favorite cooking method.
  • King of the taste of winter "Matsuba Crab"

    Among the Matsuba Crab of Matsuba Crab also called "brand crab" "Tsuiyama Matsuba Crab".In the hotel we will bring back the Tsuiyama Crab which was dropped by bidding while we live.The chief chefs swing their arms, crabs boiled up with exquisite salted fish are exquisite pieces.The crab sting is proud of the deliciousness and deliciousness of the spirit.Please check with your own tongue.
  • The birth parent of brand wagyu, Tajima Beef

    Tajima beef, which is famous as a bare beef of brand Matsusaka Beef and Kobe Beef, with ceramic plate grilled steak and shabu-shabu.
  • Summer rock oyster, Winter oysters

    Summer rock oysters, winter oysters, Kumihama You can eat oyster dishes in summer and winter.

    【Summer rock oyster】
    It is in season from early summer to early autumn, and because it grows over time, not only the shell but also the body becomes very large.
    A juicy rock oyster with thick walls can be served at the hotel with vinegar oysters, baked oysters, oyster fried and so on.

    【Winter oysters】
    Ocean cultivation is popular in Kumihama here, and it is farmed in Kumihama Bay in front of the hotel.
    Kumihama Bay contains a lot of natural mineral ingredients flowing from the mountains in all directions, and ordinary oysters are shipped over 2 years. Oysters raised in Kumihama are plump and overwhelmed with a year and shipped in 1 year .I recommend fresh oysters freshly lodged with oysters and oysters.
  • Active abalone

    The lively abalone does not collect as much as a clichy texture.
    When ordering in a bespoke cuisine, ask sashimi, charcoal grill etc your favorite cooking method.
  • Tiger fug food

    In our shop, after tightening the blowjob, you can cook cloth and let the whole bowl fall asleep, you can enjoy the aged Fugu cuisine.
    It is also the pride of the hotel that you can enjoy "Tessui" which you can not see much in other shops.
    Enjoy a full-course meal of tiger pufferfish that showcases the skills of the chief chef.