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~ God's Okonomiya ~ Kumihama Bay

  • Tourist attractions

    • 15 minutes by car from the hotel

      Tango Jersey Ranch Daily Kitchen Sora

      Tango Jersey Ranch Daily Kitchen Sora is surrounded by the nature of Kumihama.
      In addition to purchasing freshly harvested and freshly made dairy products, you can also enjoy homemade ice cream and pizza in the store.It is possible to touch cattle at a ranch and it is popular with children.

      Address: 411 Kanzaki, Kumihama Town, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture

    • Tango tourist train

      ~A sightseeing train Eiji Mitooka runs in Tango.~

      ■Kuromatsu-go(Reservation required)
      Within the train you can enjoy branch course, lunch course and sweets courses according to the flight time.  

      ■Akamatsu-go(Reservation required)
      There are various types of seats such as sofa seats, counter seats, etc., and you can relax and enjoy the scenery from the train window.

      ■Omatsu number(No reservation required)
      Various types of seats, showcases, service counters and so on, such as sofa seats, counter seats, etc. are available so that you can enjoy the scenery relaxedly from the train window, we also offer attendant along the railway line and in-vehicle sales service.
    • 7 minutes by car from the hotel

      Gosho Inaba Honke

      Inaba Honke is said to be the descendant of the Nobunaga Oda Inaba Family, Mino's Inaba Family. It was a great merchant that monopolized finance. The greatest point of view is the large space structure of the integrated colonnade by the soil and the living room where the family pattern and economic power of our family are symbolized.The building was registered as a cultural property in January 2003. (Nationally registered tangible cultural property)

      At a place called Ginjuku-san, you can taste delicious meal dishes and mackerel.
      There is also a workshop “Takumidokoro” where you can experience making pottery and incense, and a special product sales office.
    • Wakuden no Mori, Mori no Naka no Ie (house in the woods)·Mitsumasa Anno Gallery

      The “Mori no Naka no Ie (house in the woods) Mitsumasa Anno Gallery” is suitable for the world of delicate and soft watercolors drawn by Anno. An exhibition room where you can appreciate painting while feeling the nature outside from a long corridor that follows the museum that will embrace the next world that will emerge, a cedar board outer wall that blends into the surrounding landscape, and a small opening for daylighting.
      Please enjoy the world of painter Mitsumasa Mitsumasa Anno along with the space designed by Tadao Ando.

      Address: 764 Tani, Kumihama Town, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture
      Opening Hours:From 9:30 to 17:00(Admission until 16:30)
      Closed days:Every Tuesday (the following day if Tuesday is a holiday), New Year's holidays from December 29th to January 1st

      【Admission fee】
      General: 1,000 yen
      Junior and high school students: 600 yen
      Elementary school student: 400 yen
  • Experience spot

    • 7 minutes by car from the hotel

      Ceramic art experience, Gosho Inaba Honke

      Staff will teach you carefully so that even the first person can experience it.
      I will send the work after it is baked.

      ■Fee 3,000 yen per person
      (Material cost included · shipping fee is not included)

      Address: 3102 Kumihama Town, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture
    • 7 minutes by car from the hotel

      Fruit picking SAN KAI KAN

      ■Melon hunting
      Period: late June to the end of July
      Charge:2,100 yen (With 1 ball picking and tasting)

      ■Pear hunting
      Period:September 1st to the end of October
      Charge:Adult/850 yen Child/750 yen Infant/550 yen

      ■Grapes Picking
       Period:Mid-September to mid-October
       Charge:About 1,650 yen(There are some differences depending on the season, variety, and farm.)

      Address:1709 Urake, Kumihama Town, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture
    • 15 minutes by car from the hotel

      Stained glass creation experience, Glass Studio Raimu

      Glass workshop run by stained glass artist Yoshitaka Tsunoda. “WA-ki (Japanese dish)” is a unique taste that warms the heart. In addition, colorful stained glasses and accessories are exhibited and sold, and if you make a reservation you can also experience glassworking such as choker and brooch.

      ■Accessory accessories production
      From 1,100 yen

      ■A picture tray·Stand panel production
      From 2,300 yen

      ■Kaleidoscope production
      From 2,300 yen

      ■Stained glass mirror production
      Please contact me

      Address: 1013 Ichibu, Kumihama Town, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture

    • 3 minutes by car from the hotel

      Kumihama Bay Cool Summer Evenings Fishing Experience

      Night fishing at Kumihama Bay has less shaking of the ship, and you can enjoy it for children and women. Fishes mainly fished at night fishing are mainly horse mackerel, besides flounder, chin etc. are also fished.
      ※Please understand that you cannot cook at the fish inn you caught.

      ■Implementation period:From July 14th to August 15th, 2018
      ■Boarding location: In front of Shotenkyo Minato Fishing Association
      ■boarding time:From 19:00 to 21:00
      ■Charge:2,000 yen per person (with bait and rod) / boarding only possible, 1,000 yen per person
      ※Because of the capacity system, guests overnight stay.
      ※The fish you catch will be kept in the refrigerator with ice.The next day you can put ice in a Styrofoam box and take it home.(Styrofoam boxes are charged)

  • Play spot

    In Kyotango, rich in nature, you can enjoy sports in nature.
    • 10 minutes by car from our hotel

      Sea kayaking experience, Kamai Coast Sea Kayak Club

      Five locally-raised certified instructors are based in Kyotango City Kamai Beach, where there is a tree house with a view of the sea, at the westernmost point of Kyoto Prefecture. For those above, we will guide you to the untouched coast where cliffs continue to the Hyogo prefectural border.

      【A one-person boat】
      Departed Kamai Beach, introductory course for beginners over the calm Kamai Beach around the waves, you can enjoy safely in children
      ■open time:From 8:30 a.m. to about 2 hours
      ■Participation target:Beginner
      ■fee   Money:6,000 JPY/tax included

      【Two-seater boat】
      Because it is a large two person boat, it is also possible to put small children between adults. Recommended for couples as well as family youth
      ■open time:From 8:30 a.m. to about 2 hours
      ■Participation target:Beginner
      ■11,000 yen / 1 boat tax included

      ※Intermediate and above course are available. Please check the website for details.
    • 40 minutes by car from the hotel

      Skydiving experience, Skydiving Kansai

      Dive into the sky when you fly up to about 3,500 meters! On the contrary to the falling speed of 200 kilometers per hour, the feeling seems to be floating in the sky.After free forfour for about 40 seconds, parachute slowly takes a walk in the air.You can enjoy the sky with the whole body.
      In the experience tandem skydiving, you can fly with the instructor fixed, so even beginners or no knowledge is okay!

      ■¥50,000 per person(tax included)
      After registering as a member in the club, you can experience tandem jumping.
      Payment will be paid in cash on site.
      <What is included>
      Experience Fee·Video shooting·Entry fee·Insurance fee·Equipment cost·Facility usage fee

      1598-35 Iwai Kodani, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture
      Tajima Airport, Western hangar
      club house:0796-43-1002
      cell phone:080-8333-1232
      (Telephone reception 9:00 to 17:00)
    • 15 minutes by car from the hotel

      SUP / windsurfing experience Kyotango 135° EAST

      ■SUP(Stand Up Paddle Boat)
      We are programing course so that children and seniors can participate with peace of mind. Please try experiencing first.
      Rental of life jackets and wet suits for those who use this service is free.For children under 10 years old, it is also possible to enjoy it with a guardian in tandem (two people).
      Time required:About 60 minutes(Marine course:50 minutes)
      From 3,000 yen

      ■Easy Sail (Easy Wind Surfing Experience)
      Sailing relaxed with a small sail.Recommended for those who want to challenge various things!
      At first it may be confusing, but the impression of capturing the wind and traveling on the sea will remain as a memorable memories.
      Time required:About 60 minutes(Marine course:50 minutes)
      From 6,000 yen

      Phone: 0772-74-0222
      Address: 756-3 Hamazume, Amino Town, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture
    • 3 minutes by car from the hotel

      Full seaside course, Kumihama Country Club

      It is one of the best seaside course Japan.The splendor of the landscape is not unique.

      ■We offer a great golf pack for our hotel guests.For details, please check plan list.
  • Shopping spot

    • 15 minutes by car from the hotel

      The Kinoshita Brewery ~ Jizake no Iki Tamagawa ~

      Founded in 1842 (Tempo 13).
      The origin of the name Tamagawa is the river Kawakamidani River right next to the storehouse,
      It was a clear stream with a feeling of being covered with ball gravel.
      British Duju is handling sake brewing, and now it is famous for icebreaker etc. which premier is attached and it is hard to get in local.
      Maybe you can get it if you go to a sake brewery directly managed store !?
    • Tai Sembei (cracker)·Konoshiro Sushi, Watatoku Shoten

      Tai Sembei (cracker) and well-established store of Konoshiro Sushi here Watatoku Shoten
      Tai Sembei (cracker) is a rice cracker that is baked with raw materials such as salmon and chin (fish) that can be obtained from Kumihama Bay and the Sea of Japan. It is a well-known confectionery that is locally used as a snack for sake, soup, chawanmushi, etc.
      Konoshiro Sushi is a Konoshiro Sushi made from Kumihama Bay, a fresh fish called Konoshiro, stuffed with vinegar and stuffed with healthy ingredients. It is very convenient for drinking relish.Konoshiro Sushi starts selling from the beginning of November, and the season is around March.

      ■Address: 3162 Kumihama Town, Kyotango City
  • Guided sightseeing course

    ◆Application place:Gosho Inaba Honke(0772-82-2356)
    ◆Event date:Please contact me
    ◆Recruitment number:Please apply in a group of 2 to 10 people
    ◆Entry fee:Guide fee included
     course A・ ・ ・3,000 yen tax included/Groups
     Course B・ ・ ・3,000 yen tax included/Solo Traveler
     course C・ ・ ・3,000 yen tax included/Groups ※(The shipping cost of the work is separately self-paying (COD))
    ※course that include Nyoidera Hana Seppo require an additional charge of 300 yen per person
    ※For each course and lunch, please make a reservation at Inaba Honke Ginsyotei

    • A course, tour of Gosho Inaba Honke and the Kumihama Sanzan (Tera)

      ■Gosho Inaba Honke
        Meeting, itinerary explanation, various notes(10: 00-10: 10)

      ■Gosho Inaba Honke
        Ginsyotei lunch·In-house information (10: 10-12: 40)

      ■Reidenzan Honganji Temple (Jodo Sect)
        (12: 50-13: 40)

      ■Hoshuzan Nyoiji Temple (Shingon Sect·Kansai Flower Temple)
        (13: 50-14: 40)

      ■Gosho Inaba Honke
        break·Shopping ~ closing greeting(14: 50-)

      ※Movement on the itinerary is "each person (private car)".Those who do not have a car cannot participate.
    • course B: A pottery class with Gosho Inaba Honke, and a stroll through the streets of Kumihama Bay

      ■Gosho Inaba Honke
        set·Itinerary description·In-house information(10: 00-10: 30)
        Pottery class by a potter(10:30-12:00)
        Ginsyotei lunch (12: 00-12: 40)

      ■Higashi Inaba House (Inaba Clan quartres)
        Funaya tour(12: 50-13: 30)

      ■Kumihama park
        (13: 40)

      ■Public Hall (Earthquake Memorial Hall)
        (13: 50)

      ■Watatoku Shoten
        Tai Sembei Studio (14:00)

      ■Gosho Inaba Honke
        break·Shopping ~ closing greeting(14: 30-)

      ※Movement on itinerary is "walking".Please participate in easy walking clothes.
    • C course Gosho Inaba Honke and castle town street walk, The 7th of Kansai Flower Temples"Nyoidera"Hana Seppo

      ■Gosho Inaba Honke
        Meeting, itinerary explanation, notes(10: 00-10: 15)

      ■Higashi Inaba House (Inaba Clan quartres)
        Funaya tour(10: 30-11: 00)

      ■Gosho Inaba Honke
        Ginsyotei lunch·In-house information (11: 10-12: 40)

      ■Watatoku Shoten
        Tai Sembei Studio (13:00)

      ■Hoshuzan Nyoiji Temple (Shingon Sect·Kansai Flower Temple)
        (13: 15-13: 50)

      ■Kandani Shrine (Power spot·Board seat)
        (14: 15)

      ■Gosho Inaba Honke
        break·Shopping ~ closing greeting(15: 00-)

      ※Movement on itinerary is "walking".Please participate in easy walking clothes.